Our Songwriters’ Night would not be possible without our amazing event partners. We’re thrilled to welcome back our supporters and faithful friends from Jackalope Brewing Company for our 9th Annual Songwriters’ Night!

Jackalope was started in 2002 by Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball, and they’ve spent the last 15 years treating Nashville to some of the tastiest, best locally made brews our city could ask for. Here’s some information about their history:

Jackalope Taproom“Bailey and Robyn became friends in September 2002 in the tiny Scottish village of St. Andrews, where Bailey was doing a semester abroad and Robyn was completing her undergraduate degree. During the next eight years, they both graduated, Bailey went off to Vanderbilt Law School, and Robyn entered the working world, but both thought they were looking for much bigger and more intoxicating things. Bailey’s passion for home brewing led to the Jackalope dream, and the ladies dove into planning the brewery. They were joined by their friend Steve Wright at end of 2010. He started out as Jackalope’s biggest fan, parlayed that into being the very first Jackalope intern, and is now a full on partner in Jackalope. 

Everyone agreed that they wanted to start a craft brewery that was an active member of the community and put out delicious, creative beers. We opened our doors on May 21st, 2011, and our growing team has been working nonstop to accomplish those goals. Jackalope gets its name for a couple of reasons, but it mostly comes down to Bailey’s fascination with this creature which she used to believe actually existed. She was given a tee-shirt once with a picture of a Jackalope that said, ‘Believe in Yourself.’ Cheesy? Yes. But also our unofficial motto. Believe in yourself. Believe in great beer.”


We believe in great beer—especially when it comes from Jackalope. And we cannot wait to toast a pint of their amazing brew on September 19. Jackalope Brewing Company, thank you for supporting our Friends and staff so generously each year! Together, we truly are extraordinary!