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Friends Life provides support for adults with developmental disabilities.

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Friends Life provides support for adults with developmental disabilities. Your support makes that possible!

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Within a haze of golden cloud and twinkling lights, a new pathway emerges before you. Traveling at the speed of light, colors surround this psychedelic journey in rhythms of speckled vibrancy. As the dust begins to settle, a candy-scape world of magic and illumination invites your curiosity to unfold. 

Our Mission

To create an opportunity for teenagers and adults with disabilities to develop socially, grow personally, and enjoy community as they experience life together.

As a certified 501(c)3, Friends Life Community empowers each participant to live as independently as possible as they age out of high school and other traditional support programs. Through continuing education and job training, we provide our Friends with every opportunity to achieve their full potential and discover their place within the community and the world.

Make a Difference.

“People don’t usually think I can do much, but the staff believe in me. I am a true leader now.”

Program Participant, Friend


Advocacy Through the Arts

Advocacy Through the Arts uses visual and performing arts to build three main skill areas: self-advocacy, self-expression, and confidence. 

Service Learning & Employment

Through Service Learning, Friends volunteer throughout the Nashville community, building valuable employment skills and sharing their talents and time with local nonprofits.

Life Skills

Individuals gain the confidence to become more independent at home, at work, and in the community through the Life Skills program at Friends Life Community.

News & Events

From backyard barbeques to red carpet movie premieres, we’ve always got something fun happening over here. Check out our upcoming events and come join us!

Vision 2020

By: Waverly Ann Harris, Executive Director Closing out the decade and entering a new one is an exciting time for the Friends and team at Friends...

3 Ways the Friends are Leading Us Through Covid-19

3 Ways the Friends are Leading Us Through Covid-19

During this time of trial, we have all experienced the stress of being under pressure and as a result, we have been face to face with our best and worst selves. We have also witnessed what others are made of.