Social Club

True friendships make the Friends who they are and change them for the better.

Social Skill-Building

Social Club is a fee-based membership group designed to help adults with disabilities experience more. Members meet on evenings and weekends for social outings with other Social Club members and neuro-typical peers.

To ensure lasting success, FLC doesn’t plan the outings; the Friends do. Instead, FLC provides the resources and guidance the Friends need to take ownership of their social lives. The goal is for the Friends’ social opportunities to come more easily and more often.

Social Club is a group-based service and is best for those who desire to improve their social skills and social independence in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Upcoming Social Club Events:

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Peer Mentors

Social Club Peer Mentors provide crucial peer relationships, social guidance, and an opportunity for skill-building. Of all of our volunteer opportunities, the role of Peer Mentor is our most popular. Social Club’s relaxed environment makes it easy to forge friendships with members while investing in their growth.

Become a Friend

Please send any inquiries, program questions, or tour requests to or call 615-730-9370.

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