Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get involved with Friends Life in a deeper way? Check out some of the volunteer opportunities below!

Volunteering with the Friends is a special experience and Friends Life Community values every person who chooses to freely give their time to the Friends. You are an essential part of the “Community” of Friends Life Community!

Finding and fostering a connection with the Friends and helping them to see their worth and live up to their true potential is the essence of what volunteers at FLC do. 

Volunteer opportunities at FLC generally fall between 8am and 5pm, Monday-Friday, though some opportunities with the Treat Truck and Social Club are available on evenings and weekends.

Scroll down to read more about our different volunteer options.

If you’re ready to jump in with the Friends, please fill out the form below and our volunteer coordinator will contact you soon to chat and schedule an orientation.

Day Program Volunteer

Day Program volunteers provide crucial peer relationships, social guidance, and an opportunity for skill-building with the Friends during Day Program classes and activities.

Performing Arts Volunteer

Our Day Program’s robust performing arts curriculum includes many forms of education and self-expression through music and theatrical arts.

Visual Arts Volunteer

The Visual Arts volunteer position is a direct-service, program position at Friends Life Community. We welcome individuals with diverse visual arts backgrounds, bringing their unique talents and perspectives to our program’s Arts courses.

Social Club Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors provide crucial peer relationships, social guidance, and an opportunity for skill-building in a small group setting with the Friends.

Treat Truck Volunteer

Treat Truck volunteer opportunities often occur on evenings and weekends and are based on booking requests that come in from customers. These opportunities often come with just a few days’ notice so being available with short notice is a plus for this type of volunteer!

Facilities & Vehicle Maintenance

Facilities and vehicle maintenance volunteers are crucial. By helping us maintain our building and vans, we can focus on meeting our Friends’ needs.

Volunteer Groups

Occasionally we have groups of volunteers help us accomplish larger projects, such as yard work, painting, and setting/up decorating for on-site fundraising events.

Contact us with your group’s interest and we will figure out a way to get you plugged in!