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Become a Friend

People join Friends Life Community for many different reasons, but the reason that we love it remains the same: we are all better when everyone can thrive.

To learn more about becoming a Friend, schedule a tour below. Our Program Manager will schedule a tour for the applicant and their family member(s) to see the program in action and answer any questions.

Who is Eligible

Each applicant must complete the application process before enrollment to the program. Applicants are required to:

  • (a) have a primary diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability,
  • (b) be ambulatory and be able to independently walk up and down stairs and enter and exit transportation vehicles,
  • (c) independently feed him/herself and use restroom facilities,
  • (d) respond to emergency signals and follow directions, and
  • (e) independently respond to verbal and/or written instructions from staff member.


Friends Life Community is a private pay organization. Pricing is different for each program.

Schedule a Tour