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Walking Makes Cents

Walking Makes Cents is a sponsorship opportunity for individuals and businesses to invest in the health and wellness of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities!


At Friends Life Community, we’re working to help the participants in our Day Program maintain healthy, active lifestyles and decrease their risks of disease.

For one hour each day, our Friends engage in physical activity while wearing a FitBit. The data collected during this time, in combination with our quarterly health assessments, help us to track and motivate our Friends towards healthy goals.


Become a Sponsor

According to the CDC

People with disabilities can find it more difficult to eat healthy, control their weight, and be physically active. This might be due to:

A lack of healthy food choices
Difficulty with chewing or swallowing food, or its taste or texture
Medications that can contribute to weight gain, weight loss, and changes in appetite
Physical limitations that can reduce a person’s ability to exercise
A lack of energy
A lack of accessible environments (sidewalks, parks, and exercise equipment) to enable exercise
A lack of resources (money, transportation, and social support)

At Friends Life Community, our goal is for our Friends to increase their quality of life and decrease their risk of health complications. Will you join us?