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Your monthly support is the greatest gift the Friends could ask for; the assurance that Friends Life Community will continue for years to come.

Give the Friends the opportunities to become independent, employed, and active members of the community.

Become a Monthly Donor and provide programs that empower adults with IDD to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams. 

$25 per month

provides a Friend Moments to Shine by providing one Advocacy Through the Arts class. 

$50 per month

provides a Friend Opportunities to Achieve their personal goals through weekly service learning and employment classes

$100 per month

provides one month of online classes for a Friend as FLC provides a community to belong to for Friends everywhere.

“Friends Life Community offers an outstanding variety of classes, community experiences, and social opportunities on a daily basis – all well-staffed with highly educated and experienced personnel. It was obvious to us that tuition fees alone would not support all the wonderful opportunities available. This is why we choose to give a monthly donation beyond tuition.”

-Monthly Donor and FLC Parent

Become a Monthly Donor

You can sustain Friends Life Community by providing consistent support that allows the Friends to grow personally and professionally, develop socially, and enjoy community together.

Receive this exclusive ORCA chaser as a THANK YOU from the Friends when you sign up at a monthly giving level of $25 or more!>>>