Lydia Harrison

Lydia Harrison, Program Coordinator

Lydia began working at Friends Life in August 2018 through the Belmont University work study program and was brought on as part time staff in February 2019. Lydia first fell in love with working with individuals with IDDs in 2012, leading her to volunteer with Open Doors TN (an East Tennessee organization for middle and high schoolers with autism) for the past 7 years. Lydia’s experience with this population led to her decision to major in music therapy, and working at a place as incredible as Friends Life is a dream come true! 

Lydia is a passionate advocate for the power of music in accomplishing non-musical goals, and she is thankful for the privilege of piloting new music classes as part of the Friends Life Performing Arts program. 

Lydia will graduate with a degree in music therapy from Belmont University in 2020 and will go on to become a board-certified music therapist.