Friends' Treat Truck

Breaking down barriers for people with disabilities by creating an employment training opportunity

An enriching experience that provides dignity and opportunity for adults with IDD

Spreading Joy

Getting a treat from the Friends’ Treat Truck is a special experience. Running on a business model designed to break down barriers for people with disabilities, the Friends’ Treat Truck provides a dignified employment opportunity for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Feel like a kid again when you enjoy the sweetness of a nostalgic childhood treat while they enjoy the sweetness of purpose and community inclusion!

treat truck

Not your typical ice cream truck!

treat truck

The Treat Truck promotes awareness and inclusivity of people with disabilities. It shows the community what people with IDD have to offer while they gain skills in employment and entrepreneurship.

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Spreading Joy

Providing Dignity

Creating Community

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The Friends’ Treat Truck is available to book 7 days a week for a variety of events including

  • church events
  • staff appreciation days
  • back-to-office incentives
  • neighborhood gatherings
  • school events

Book a single event (starting at $175) or take advantage of one of our multi-event packages (starting at $155)!