Volunteer Groups


Volunteer Groups

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Due to the high volume of requests we receive from volunteer groups, we are not always able to partner with every organization. Before you apply, here is some helpful information:

    • We are not open on Saturday or Sunday. Unless there are special circumstances, we rarely host volunteer groups on weekends.
    • Friends Life Community is also currently seeking a group willing to paint the inside of our building, and donate the supplies (primer, paint, brushes, etc.) to do it.
    • Any volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • We encourage volunteer groups to also consider hosting an event for our Friends—such as a yard dance, Valentine’s Day dance, pumpkin carving event, or other fun activity. You would need to supply the items necessary for such an event.



Application for Volunteer Groups

    All minors must be accompanied by an adult in order to volunteer.