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What We Do

We are a true community. Friends Life Community is where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued and supported. At Friends Life, we provide our Friends the resources and support they need to grow personally, develop socially, and live productive and fulfilling lives as part of the larger Nashville community.

Learning takes place Monday through Friday at the program site and in the community as Friends build skills with the support of mentoring professionals. Positive behavior supports allow our Friends to expand their knowledge, as well as practice their skills sets outside the day program through their relationships with friends and family, daily routines, employment, and progress toward goals for the future.

Building Relationships

Our Friends gain social skills through daily interactions with peers and community members. Program staff members teach positive expected behaviors through our daily curriculum, which includes theatre, role-playing, creative expression, and facilitated conversation. These allow our Friends to develop social skills, which help them build and sustain friendships and increase self-confidence when they meet new people.

Increasing Independence

Our Friends grow in maturity and are expected to demonstrate personal responsibility as they gain more independence. Program staff members teach expected behaviors in activities for daily living to decrease dependency on caregivers and maximize natural supports and self-determination. In order to be more independent, Friends learn how to express their emotions in healthy ways and their personal preferences while practicing decision-making and motor skills. Service learning activities also help Friends build employment skills, and daily exercise and nutrition classes support long-term health and quality of life.

Community Inclusion

Our Friends learn that they have the right and the responsibility to participate in the community. Every week they volunteer with nonprofit organizations, exercise at local fitness facilities, and participate in community events. Program staff members teach skills that foster success for our Friends in the community. With the help of our Friends, Friends Life Community is expanding its impact and educating the larger community on the benefits of full inclusion.