Advocacy Through the Arts

Empowering individuals with disabilities to tell their story

Visual Arts

Develop Personally

Advocacy Through the Arts uses visual and performing arts to build three main skill areas: self-advocacy, self-expression, and confidence. Art is a common language that breaks down barriers and shatters ceilings. The Friends create unique individual works of art and also collaborate with other artists to help tell their story for all to understand and enjoy.


Friends Life Community is pleased to present a series of monthly online exhibitions featuring the talented artists in our day program. Each exhibition invites you to step inside the creative minds of the Friends, as they tell their unique stories through artistic expression. All proceeds from work sold will benefit the artist and Friends Life Community

Performing Arts

Performances & Events

Experience the world from the perspective of the Friends’ in their plays, films, and other performances. The  Friends write, direct, and star in productions that are shared with the community at local theaters, schools, places of work, and sometimes surprise pop-up performances at your local meeting spots are and who they want to become in a supportive environment.

Advocacy Through The Arts is funded in part by

Community Engagement

Advocacy Through the Arts provides opportunities for the full community to engage. Through creative expression, the Friends learn skills needed to be successful in all areas of their life; they have the opportunity to explore who they are and who they want to become in a supportive environment.

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Please send any inquiries, program questions, or tour requests to or call 615-730-9370.

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