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Career Coaching

Friends Life Community believes all adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“IDDs”) deserve the opportunity to work and contribute to society, while becoming fully included in the broader community. We believe adults with IDDs can be successful and valuable employees with the right placement, training, and support.

Friends Life Community’s highly qualified staff offers community-based, individualized services at our Friends’ places of employment. Coaching focuses on skill development, leading to increased independence in the workplace, which ensures successful completion of required duties while actively building relationships with employers. These stabilization and monitoring services increase rates of long-term success in the workplace.

Who We Serve

Career Coaching is designed for adults (18+) with IDDs who desire to make progress in the area of employment skills and job readiness.

For more information about our Career Coaching Program, please contact our Program Development Director, Erin Perry, at (615) 730-9370 or erin@friendslife.org.