Day Program: Curriculum

Life Skills


adult standing with arms up during day program

The Friends deserve to succeed at home, at work, and in the community. Feeling confident, knowing where to find support, and the ability to make decisions—these are all signs of a healthy adulthood. Life Skills curriculum focuses on those activities that help the Friends help themselves. This includes real world experiences, dedicated courses, and structural reinforcements across all of our programming.

The Friends can reach their potential and achieve their goals. With the right assistance and support, the Friends reach that next level of independence.


Sample Life Skills Courses

Power Skills
Exercise at YMCA
Social Skills Cinema
Introduction to Cooking



Arts & Education


Katie with art

The Friends deserve opportunities for lifelong learning. Arts & Education curriculum includes robust music and creative performance courses, literacy courses, and more. The Friends benefit from quality instruction, so Friends Life applies the unique gifts of our talented staff to introduce the Friends to new forms of creativity and knowledge. This includes community members teaching a Master Class in their area of expertise, or welcoming visual artists as volunteers, which introduces the Friends to real world applications of their interests and passions.

Arts & Education curriculum incorporates visual learning, functional literacy, verbal communication, and multi-sensory components.

The goal is to provide the Friends with more and diverse opportunities to connect with others, express themselves, and self-advocate.

Sample Arts & Education Courses

Book Club
Tandem Troupe (Theatre)
Advocacy Through the Arts


Service Learning


adult in day program crouched in a garden

The Friends can become integral members of their communities if given the right opportunities and the right support. With the support of staff, community members, and dedicated volunteers, Service Learning curriculum creates opportunities for the Friends to be active citizens in Nashville. In the process, the Friends increase their abilities, forge new friendships, and share their gifts with others.

The Friends volunteer with almost a dozen nonprofits and businesses across Davidson County. Service Learning achieves two goals:

1. As a result of the Friends’ dedicated help, nonprofits can expand their services to reach more people in need.
2. The Friends gain invaluable job skills while expanding their network throughout the community.

Sample Service Learning Sites

Edley’s BBQ
Quality Traffic
Room in the Inn
Meals on Wheels
Woodmont Baptist Church
The Nashville Food Project


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