Service Learning & Employment

Service Learning

Through Service Learning, Friends volunteer throughout the Nashville community, building
valuable employment skills and sharing their talents and time with local nonprofits. Collectively, the Friends volunteer over 80 hours each week , helping nonprofits expand their capacity to serve more community members . Together, the Friends make a tremendous impact in the community while preparing for successful employment.

Service Learning is funded in part by

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Inclusive Employment

Friends Life Community partners with employers for Inclusive Employment trainings. As part of our mission, our programs focus on education within the community as well as individuals. By educating employers and community partners, bridges are built between team members and all employees can experience a greater culture of inclusion.

Job Coaching

Friends Life Community provides pre-employment training, discovery, job coaching and employer trainings. To learn more about how these services could benefit you or a family member, please email

Community Partners

Friends Life Community works in partnership with many businesses and nonprofits in the Nashville area to provide employment and service learning opportunities for the Friends.

Become a Friend

Please send any inquiries, program questions, or tour requests to or call 615-730-9370.

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