Social Club Peer Mentors

At a baseball game

Peer Mentors provide crucial peer relationships, social guidance, and an opportunity for skill-building in a small group setting with the Friends.

Key Responsibilities:

    • Developing real friendships with our Friends through shared interests and experiences
    • Investing in relationships with our Friends to help them achieve greater independence and increase their opportunities for social interactions with others
    • Providing opportunities and support for our Friends to work on their individual social goals in a safe and encouraging environment
    • Modeling appropriate social behavior, including eye contact, introductions and greetings, and personal space
    • Modeling age-appropriate communication and conversation skills
    • Modeling how to appropriately navigate conflict or differences with peers
    • Providing emotional support to our Friends
    • Providing support to Friends Life Community staff in order to help our Friends achieve their social and personal goals

Before You Apply:

Please download and read our full volunteer job description for Social Club Peer Mentors. Once you have read through the volunteer job description, please complete the form below to apply.