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Our Team

Waverly Ann Harris, M.S.ABA

Executive Director

Beverly Richardson

Business Manager

Heather Dawn

Visual Arts Specialist

Sarah Edwards, M.A., RDT

Performing Arts Specialist
Patsy Webb headshot

Patsy Webb, M.S.Ed.

Service Learning and Employment Specialist

Taylor Wigginton

Client Success Coordinator

Valerie Reta

Operations Assistant

Lauren B. Zook

Director of Philanthrophy

Sue Conder

Independent Living and Integration Specialist

Lydia Harrison

Program Coordinator

Dabney Ledyard

Community Engagement Coordinator

Jason Latham

Client Success Coordinator

J. Robert Lindsey

Artistic Associate

Olivia Moore

Manager of Programs

Mady Repaskey

Program Coordinator

Phoebe Scott

Program Coordinator

“The staff members are amazing and always so supportive. They are helpful, kind, compassionate, enthusiastic, loving, and dedicated.” —Parent of a Friend

Please send any press inquiries, program questions, or general comments to:

Friends Life Community
4414 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 730-9370