Woman smiling in orange glasses and an orange and white striped shirt

Bridget Bailey

Client Success Coordinator

Bridget discovered Friends Life Community when she attended one of the Friends’ art shows in the community. She was taken by the beautiful art work and is now thrilled to be a part of the team. An artist herself, she teaches many of the Open Studio and Makers classes in the Weekday Program and works with individual Friends on their goals as one of the Client Success Coordinators.

Bridget received her MFA in painting in 2021 from Boston University. Her paintings are whimsical and incorporate many mediums including paint, clay, felt, wax, colored glues, found objects, and text.

She finds great inspiration in her work at FLC as the art the Friends’ make in the studio is always brimming with creativity and originality. Bridget is honored to be a part of the FLC team!

Email: bridget@friendslife.org