Individual Coaching and Drama Therapy

inclusive employment coaching in a restaurant

Coaching Services

Our Coaching Program provides an even greater customized approach that matches an individual and their unique needs with one of our highly-trained professional coaches for one-to-one support with meeting goals.

The Coaching Program is designed to meet a greater spectrum of support needs. Customized support includes transition readiness, independent living, employment discovery/job training, and evidence-based Drama Therapy.

Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy uses projective play, storytelling, and purposeful improvisation to help clients set new desired behaviors, practice relational skills, and develop greater flexibility within everyday life.

Techniques are clinically based and creatively implemented, transforming clients into individuals who accomplish personal victories regardless of age or cognitive functioning.

Two women acting out a theatrical piece
Patsy job coaching with Kaylea at work

These individualized services begin with an in-depth assessment to help you identify your most important goals. Together, we will determine the best staffing match and number of coaching hours to help you meet your goals.



All individuals interested in our coaching services will undergo an initial assessment. This one-time, in-depth meeting will help identify your most important goals.



Helping individuals with life goals build confidence and learn new skills. Helping individuals with employment interests identify skills, talents, and applicable job positions (with on-going on-the-job support, if desired).



Helping individuals reach breakthroughs in self-confidence and self-expression through a deeper understanding of themselves and others.


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