Everyone deserves a place to belong.

Providing opportunities for teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities to grow personally, develop socially, and be active members of the community

We didn’t realize just how important Friends Life Community is to our family’s wellbeing until it was forced to close last spring due to the pandemic. Anna Claire lost interest in practically everything, and she even lost weight. As soon as she was able to attend sessions again, if even for only one hour a day, her outlook on life improved 100%. She immediately regained her appetite, and her normal, cheerful demeanor returned. The opportunity to interact with her friends at Friends Life Community is a vital part of Anna Claire’s life, and we are so thankful for it.

Ann and Tad, FLC parents

Programs designed to bring out their best

Moments to shine

Advocacy Through the Arts uses the power of creativity to enable self-advocacy, self-expression, and confidence.

Opportunities to achieve

Dream > Grow > Achieve empowers individuals to gain life skills and employment skills as they pursue their personal goals.

Community to belong

From our Nashville campus day program to nationwide virtual programs, the Friends find their place to belong.

What the Friends are saying

“I like to exercise at Friends Life because it makes me feel strong.”


Program Participant, Friend

What the Friends are saying

“People don’t usually think I can do much, but the staff believe in me. I am a true leader now.”


Program Participant, Friend

What the Friends are saying

“I like Friends Life because of Social Club. I have fun making relationships.”


Program Participant, Friend

What the Friends are saying

“I like the classes and activities … my favorite class is art. I feel at home when I see my art at Friends Life.”


Program Participant, Friend

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From backyard barbecues to red carpet movie premieres, we’ve always got something fun happening over here. Check out our upcoming events and come join us.

Together, We Are Extraordinary

Together, We Are Extraordinary

“There is nothing static about FLC – neither the programming, personal growth, or what always seem to be endless possibilities of what a committed and motivated community can accomplish.”

Every dollar you donate helps provide opportunities, support, and community for the Friends.