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Social Club

True friendships are an important part of life. These meaningful relationships develop through shared experiences with others and make us feel seen, understood, and loved.

FLC’s Social Club offers 2-3 fee-based group activities per month that give adults with disabilities more opportunities beyond our Weekday Program to socialize and make friends.

group of friends hanging out outside
Group of people surrounding a table playing a card game

Friends of 615

Friends of 615 is a social group that started in 2021 for adults with disabilities who live more independently, work in the community, and/or take part in our coaching services. Friends of 615 was created to help fill the gap for these individuals and provide an inclusive and safe place to form friendships, have meaningful conversations, and grow in interpersonal connection with others.

Friends of 615 is available to individuals in the Nashville area through an affordable monthly membership, plus relevant activity fees for each organized gathering. The group meets 2-3 times per month. Group members choose the activities and take the lead on discussion topics, building confidence through active participation and building long-term relationships with each other.

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