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Walking Makes Cents LogoBecome a Sponsor for Walking Makes Cents

Individual Sponsors

As an individual sponsor, you sponsor the steps of any Friend you choose by pledging to provide a monetary donation of $1, $2, or $3 for each mile that Friend walks. Individual sponsors pledge to donate monthly for 12 months, and monthly donations are capped at $75/month.

Corporate Sponsors

As a corporate sponsor, you sponsor the steps of all of our Friends for one (1) month. Businesses can sponsor at $1, $2, or $3 per mile, and donations are capped at $2,500. Corporate sponsors receive the following in return: 

$1 per mile

Featured 3x on our social media during your month of sponsorship + company highlighted once in our monthly newsletter

$2 per mile

All previous tier benefits + featured on our blog during your month of sponsorship.

$3 per mile

All previous tier benefits + company featured in event program at our annual Songwriters’ Night fundraiser.

All sponsors, whether individuals or businesses and their employees, will have the opportunity to physically participate with our Friends in a collaborative day of exercise and fun!

For questions regarding pledges and sponsorships, contact our Director of Philanthropy, Anna Masi, at