Hanna Elder with our Friend, NatalieToday Friends Life Community is putting the spotlight on a staff member who is usually behind the lens these days. Hanna Elder is our Client Experience Manager. Today she is celebrating four years at Friends Life Community.

Her four years with us include a year of dedicated volunteering. After that first year, we decided to hire her and never let her go. 

Hanna teaches multiple courses at Friends Life Community, including “Play Reading and Writing,” and “Music Appreciation.” She also co-teaches our Exercise hour, and leads Tandem Troupe, our theatre performance group.

Hanna Elder with our Friend Kate

Hanna’s background in music and theater adds so much to her work in our organization. Outside of work, she also leads a budding career as a professional singer-songwriter, and has performed at numerous Friends Life Community events.

Team members like Hanna are the life blood of our community. She makes so much of what we do possible. Hanna enriches the lives of our Friends, supports their families, and lifts up her colleagues everyday.

We are humbled that Hanna chooses to invest her gifts and talents in our community. She makes us that much more extraordinary.

Friends Life Community is a nonprofit organization in Nashville, TN. Our mission is to create opportunities for teenagers and adults with disabilities to develop socially, grow personally, and enjoy community as we share life together.

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