It was so good to have the rain hold off last Friday for Week 2 of the Achilles-Friends Life Community race training group!

We had a smaller group than the week before, but a lot of awesome volunteers from Achilles, and a new volunteer from Friends Life Community! It is a treat to bring in new people who have a connection with FLC.

The course around the Sevier Park area, where we trained, is .75 miles. All of the Friends did at least one loop. One smaller group actually did 1 1/2 miles—we called them the “2-loopers”! I was so excited to see the enthusiasm of this group and their motivation, even in the heat and humidity. We finished with sport drinks, fruit bars, and water.

What a fun group! I know they are going to do well at the Hope and Possibility® race in October! They will have the choice of doing the 1-mile or doing the 5-mile route, and I have a feeling many will choose the 5-miler! They will, of course, have lots of support on the course that day, and friends to go with them, too.

Don’t forget: Achilles is covering the registration fee for the Hope and Possibility® for all Friends who participate in this program. For community members who register, $5 of the registration fee can be designated as a donation to Friends Life Community. Just be sure to select them when you register.

Achilles is so happy to build this training program and host Friends Life Community in the 2017 race. We look forward to seeing each of them—and you—on the race course!

My sincere thanks for your involvement. We are so happy to spend time with the community at Friends Life!

Remember: eat well, get rest, and drink water!

Amy Harris | Achilles International Nashville