Hello, Friends Life Community!

We have completed our fourth week of training for the 2017 Hope & Possibility 5 Mile Race and 1 Mile Run! I have never seen such an enthusiastic group of runners and walkers. Thank you all for coming each week and doing your best! It does not matter what speed you go or how far. What matters is that you are out there each week giving your best effort and sharing your smiles. This training is a great chance to have some fun, get some exercise, talk, and laugh.

During our training on Friday, almost everyone completed two loops. That’s a mile and a half. That’s right, a mile and a half! That is awesome and you are, too!

Next Friday, I will bring special codes for all of the Friends participating in the race. Achilles International Nashville is pleased to cover the cost of the Hope and Possibility race registration for each Friend. Not only are you all working so hard, but you are also the first community outreach group we have worked with! So paying for your registration is our treat to you!

This week, remind your family and friends to register, too. We cannot pay for their registration as well, but remind them that Friends Life Community is a beneficiary of the race. That means that when they register, they can designate a portion of their registration fee to be donated back to Friends Life Community!

You all are going to do great in the race. Until then, I look forward to seeing you each Friday leading up to it!


Amy Harris