“It changed the way people think about me.”

-Sean C.

July is Disability Pride Month. It is a dedicated reminder to celebrate and honor the achievements, resilience, and diversity of the Friends and the rest of the disability community. This month-long celebration helps us amplify awareness about disability rights, combat stigmas, change narratives, break down barriers, and foster a society that values inclusivity and equality for all.

Disability Pride Month was born out of the disability rights movement that emerged after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26, 1990. The ADA paved the way for greater accessibility, equal opportunities, and independent living.

By drawing attention to and observing Disability Pride Month, we can shed light on the lives of people with disabilities while highlighting their strengths, talents, and resilience.

Watch the Friends reflect on what it means to them personally, as they celebrate Disability Pride Month:

We are honored to witness and highlight the sense of pride and self-acceptance the Friends convey about themselves as individuals with disabilities. Their courage and confidence teach all of us to embrace our own unique identities, talents, and experiences. We stand beside them as they challenge societal narratives that view disability as a limitation. By celebrating diversity, the Friends prove that disability is a natural aspect of human diversity and not a source of shame or stigma.

Join us in celebrating Disability Pride Month as a testament to the progress made in the field of disability rights, and as a commitment to continue to close the major gaps that exist.

By recognizing and amplifying the voices of the Friends, we can foster a world where every individual is embraced, empowered, and given equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to their community. Together we celebrate the diversity, resilience, and accomplishments of people with disabilities by being a society that values equality, accessibility, and a sense of belonging for all.