In a captivating upcoming exhibition at the Frist Art Museum titled ‘The Power of Resilience,’ the Friends bare their souls through a remarkable collection of original and collaborative artwork. Each piece serves as a mirror that reflects their profound self-perception.


In preparation for creating their works for the show, the Friends were asked how they wanted the world to see them. Their collective response? “Powerful, as I am.”

Color block image with different screenprinted faces. Text says "power, as I am"

This proclamation encapsulates many qualities—bravery, creativity, kindness, and more—that the Friends have used to define themselves. Steeped in their profound understanding of resilience, they’ve harnessed their unique attributes to craft a visual narrative of strength and unity. Together, these artists transformed their individuality into a magnificent community quilt and a series of portraits, each stroke and image embodying their voices in harmony and showing their spirits standing tall.


The Friends know the power of resilience and what makes each of them unique. Their pieces in ‘The Power of Resilience’ represent how they see themselves as powerful; bravery, courage, creativity, care, thoughtfulness, and kindness are all attributes they use to describe their power.


Using these attributes as inspiration, they created images using printmaking blocks with the help of retired Hatch Show Print Master Printer Jim Sherraden. They then printed on fabric donated by Veronica Hofman Ortega. The community quilt that emerged represents strength, individuality, and unity. The community quilt illustrates how we can find our individual voices and raise them collectively by featuring images such as a victrola, cowboy hats, guitars, a lotus flower, and hearts.

Quilt collage of different colored and patterned squares alternating with faces

In addition to the quilt, the Friends created individual paintings of silkscreened photographic portraits of themselves. Similar to the work of Andy Warhol, their pieces take on a life and deep meaning all their own: each is an ode to the individual artist depicted and a representation of all that makes them powerful as they are.


The Power of Resilience’ will be displayed at the Frist Art Museum from August 25, 2023, to April 1, 2024.


An opening reception will be held in the Frist Art Museum Café on Thursday, August 24, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.